Final Team Assignments BUSI640

List of Student Consultant Project Assignments:


There are three projects available:

A. Waste Management Services (WMS) – management of solid waste in the First Nation community. The consulting team will provide a plan for the collection and disposal of the waste generated in a First Nation community in Canada located in a rural area but close to several non-Indigenous communities. This is a service that can then be exported to these neighboring non-Indigenous communities. Your team of student-consultants will put together a plan for the start-up and development of a WMS. Your clients (ultimately the First Nation community, but via enTrust Engagement Inc.) do not have background with this type of business/service so they are relying on your team to develop the plan from the ground up for them.

B. Research your business sector/project and begin planning and choosing your design/options, gathering information, and including critical issues and what needs to be addressed en route to your recommendations/final paper for the business creation and development. You may wish to utilize Business Model Canvas and/or Business Model Circle as part of your initial planning/design framework.


     Important Background Information about enTrust Engagement

D. –        Entrust is developing a suite of services that can are utilized in the community but can also be “exported” to surrounding communities and bring money back to the community. The communities that will benefit from the “export” of services will be within hours drive of a non-Indigenous community that has a population at least 20,000 people.

E. –        Entrust will be providing the equity to start these businesses in partnership with the Nation and will access the remaining required capital from a major Financial Institution in the form of a loan. Entrust will be providing 40% of the required capital and 60% will be in the form of term loans. The goal is for Entrust to exit the investment within five years of the start of the business. One of your tasks will be to determine the start-up capital required.

F. Entrust will initially provide management services, if required, and will train individuals from the Nation to assume day-to-day management duties during the first two years of operations.



Textbook / Readings / Viewings:

Kubr   Pages 781 – 785

Kubr   Scan/preview Chapters 12 – 26 & 36 in readiness for W.I.S.E. in-class workshop

Wickham   Chapters 3, 9, 11 & 14




KEY FINDINGS: resulting from diagnostic tools chosen •



Human Resources

Information Technology



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