MHW-522: The Impact of Sibling Relationship Worksheet

Family Analysis Project Part 2: The Impact of Sibling Relationships

In Part 1 of the Family Analysis Project, you completed the Multicontextual Life Cycle Framework. From that assignment, select one of the life stages to use for this assignment.

You will use that selected life stage to analyze the overall impact of sibling relations on your selected life stage. You will also analyze the challenges faced by families dealing with early childhood.

Cite two to four scholarly sources to support your answers.

Sibling Relationships
Explain significance of sibling relationships throughout the selected life stage. (100-150 words)


Discuss sibling relationships throughout that stage of the family life cycle. What effects can age spacing having on sibling relationships? (75-100 words)


Explain how gender roles, class, culture, race, and disability influence sibling’s patterns/tasks within a family. (100-150 words)


Explain how changing family patterns (divorce, remarriage, adoption, death, etc.) impact the family system. (100-150 words)


Look at your own family and review the sibling relationship patterns you see (this can be with your own siblings, if you are an only child, then your parent’s siblings/cousins/etc.) (150-200 words)


Early Childhood
Provide 2 examples of the developmental tasks of early childhood.


Explain the impact (expenses, time, relationships, etc.) of these tasks on the family system. (50-75 words each)








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