Discussion: Part A:

Scan the book of Psalms and try to locate at least one verse or psalm which is connected to stress management. You may also find the use of a Bible concordance very helpful in this regard. For example, you could look up where the following words are used in Psalms: anxiety, fear, anger, dread, peace, sleep, etc.

Post your scripture to share relevant passages. Explain why you chose this scripture in 300 words or more.

Part B:

First: Each student should post a link to an article that reflects a concept covered by one of the topics,

Greenberg, J.S. (2021). Comprehensive stress management.

● Chapter 1: What is Stress?

● Chapter 2: Stress Psychophysiology

● Chapter 3: Stress and Illness/Disease

● Chapter 8: Perception Interventions

Articles do not have to come from academic journals but should come from reliable sources. Your post should include a summary of the article in 500 words!

Part C:

Journal Discussion

I am looking for you to write a paragraph summary of your stress level for this week. You can do this by keeping a daily log and then summarizing it, (only write what you are willing to share with the class or have other people read). I am looking for you to be able to identify on a scale of 1-10 your stress level, with 10 being the highest. What are your stress triggers?

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