Discussion Part A:

Scan either the book of Acts or the letters of Paul, Romans through Philemon (all in the New Testament), and try to locate at least one verse or section which is somehow connected to stress management. Explain how this scripture relates to the material covered in the text.

Part B:

Article Discussion

First: Each student should post a link to an article that reflects a concept covered in the chapters read for this week.

Greenberg, J.S. (2021). Comprehensive stress management.

● Chapter 13: Physiological Arousal Interventions

● Chapter 14: Strategies for Decreasing Stressful Behaviors

● Chapter 15: Diversity and Stress

Articles do not have to come from academic journals but should come from reliable sources. Your post should include a summary of the article that is approximately 500 words.

Part C: Journal this week about your stress level. How has what you have done to reduce your stress worked. Either continue with what you have been doing or try something different. Make time for yourself. Are you feeling less stressed than you did in week 1? Explain in 300 words.

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