Deliverable 5: SWOT Analysis


Strengths Weaknesses
· Presence of well-supported service offer. Health Dynamics offers multiple support services in ensuring the customers are comfortable when purchasing the main service and products which is wellness programs.

· The organization has a wide employee base making it easier to deliver services to the customers.

· The organization has personalized products which meets the preferences of the customers. This makes it easier to earn customer loyalty this securing large market share.

· Delivering personalized care plans that empower individuals to make sustainable changes in their lives (Macnaughton, 2021).

· Modernize current nutrition education services- the organization seeks to empower individuals to make sustainable changes in their lives and one way to do this is via improved nutrition education services where individuals can obtain credible knowledge which they can use to make sustainable changes in their lives (Rivers, 2018).


· The company has a declining curve in revenue. This contacts the financial stability base making it more constrained to fund new projects.

· Healthy Dynamics has substandard performance (Esfahani et al., 2018).

· The company has very few employees assigned in the marketing department. This limits the ability of the company to maximize marketing efficiency in generating more income and sales thus contributing to success.

· Inability to use the customized services and products to maximize customer experience. This is evident with the decline in customer satisfaction rates (Slootweg & Rowson, 2018).

· Not reaching the appropriate market.


Opportunities Threats
· The increased demand in onsite facility services presents the company with a viable opportunity that can be used to increase the revenue and sales made.

· The company should also employ effective marketing strategies to enhance efficiency in marketing. This can be attained through increasing the number of marketing staff members and aligning the organizational goal with digital infrastructure to maximize sales (Otto et al., 2020).

· Incorporate latest digital health technology in our wellness program- by pursuing this objective the organization can grow its presence in the digital world and reach as many people as possible on its way to becoming a leader in provision of wellness programs (Grondnitzky, 2018).

· Use of the best diagnostic assessments to improve care- through these objective problems that clients have can be identified which enables developing sustainable solutions (Grondnitzky, 2018).

· The organization should offer health clinics, mental health, and physical exercise events beyond the normal business days and hours.

· Offering telehealth services to patients allows for the organization to reach more population in need.

· Loss of market share to more competitive market participants.

· Low market satisfaction on Health Dynamics customers from the products and services offered by the company.

· Competition-other company implements better offers; Health Dynamics may lose more customers to the new entrant (Rajnoha et al., 2019).

· Time management with staffing challenges.





















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