Deliverable 4: Marketing and Promotion Strategy





The organization is focusing on increasing the revenue they are getting. This will be achieved by:


Focus area Competitors Target Market Modes of Communication Projected Marketing Marketing budget
· Improving on sales through advertisement of organization brand.

· Emphasizing on customer-driven approach through encouraging patient to take an active role in their own health risks and treatment options.

· Improving the quality of services through levering technology. This is achieved through extensive research to determine the trending technology and innovation in the organization.

· Maximizing customer experience and satisfaction. This is attained through conducting research to determine customer preference (Alvarez et al., 2019).

· The key competitors are the surrounding health care organizations.

· The basics for competitions are healthcare cost, and technological advancement.

· The organization’s goal in the competition is to build its reputation on quality, collaboration, compassion, and innovation, not just on price (Alvarez et al., 2019).

· The target market is the patients within the general population that need healthy dynamics services.

· The population will be males and females between the age of 30-60.

· Patients to be selected as participants in the project will also be considered understanding cultures and conditions.

· Rural areas where advertising and services may be lacking.

· Physicians

· Specialist particular cardiologist and orthopaedic (Bunnell et al., 2021).

· The organization will reach the target market through promoting text messages.

· Target messages using social media platforms. Such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

· The organization will create flyers and mail to the targeted market.

· Also, communication will be enhanced through advertisements in the journals and all electronic media (Bunnell et al., 2021).



· The project market from the analysis is subject to the effort that is made in the promotion of the product.

· The future trend is expected to be positive, and the growth curve is expected to raise (Cuschieri et al., 2021).

· The marketing budget must be allocated every financial year.

· The marketing budget will cover all costs of marketing research, advertisement, and human resource in marketing department.

· The annual marketing budget will be 3% of the revenue.

· The budget is $5,000 annually (Cuschieri et al., 2021).







Promotional Message

Healthy Dynamics is a healthcare organization that focuses on providing all medical services to its patients. Individuals can connect with the company via Facebook link or QR code. They may also access directly on our website. Healthy Dynamics’ vision is to become a market leader in offering the best wellness program products and services across the states. Its mission is to develop unique wellness program products and services that creates conveniences for customers (Alvarez et al., 2019).

One of its strategic goals is to improve the quality through leveraging technology. The organization is equipped with latest technology and equipment’s that will enable them to attain their desired goal of quality and assured services. The cost of services in Healthy Dynamics is friendly an assurance that they keep patient’s life and safety first not finances (Alvarez et al., 2019).








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