Deliverable 1: Workflow Chart for The Healthcare BuWorkflow Chart for The Healthcare Business Plan

Workflow Analysis Flow Chart

As shown in the flow chart above, the CEO is critical in the entire healthcare environment based on the position’s role in their daily operations. Management of all positions in the work environment is possible based on the CEO’s direct connection to the internal work environment. Using a known structure for healthcare delivery is imperative in serving unique requirements that generate healing for all kinds of patient conditions. The chart above shows that the CEO oversees different departments to deal with suitable work outputs. Support the project participants’ expertise is possible in the health improvement process to validate various activities involved. The CEO’s role is strongly connected to developing strategies to ensure Healthy Dynamics is provided with the best organizational structure (Gordon & Pollack, 2018).

Collaboration with a healthcare advisor is suitable to determine a viable population. The strategic planning manager is a crucial component in the health setting to create effective interventions that adhere to health environment needs. The accounting manager is suitable for promoting better financial management, which is crucial for increased accuracy. Collaboration with the financial advisor is ideal for the accounting manager since it improves accurate resource allocation to serve the Healthy Dynamics project. Role division is suitable for all professionals to provide a clear structure for health awareness. The marketing manager can use advertisements, social media posts, and sharing of health information posts to create awareness of the company’s plan. The role of the project manager is to handle all personnel’s activities since their integration in the project is mandatory for better healthcare delivery. All the professionals shall generate accurate healthcare improvement techniques under careful assessment by the CEO (Gordon & Pollack, 2018).

Integrating ethics for all healthcare professionals is crucial to generating the best healthcare outcomes. The project members shall receive all required information to handle the target population. The best structure involves justice, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and autonomy that improve ethical operations in the healthcare environment to serve diverse medical needs. Moral improvement of all Healthy Dynamics areas helps generate better healthcare outcomes. Since adherence to current healthcare procedures is a beneficial method, integrating technological processes for serving the healthcare environment effectively develops better healthcare outcomes. Managing complex issues in the entire healthcare environment is the best method for solving everyday complexities when dealing with the general public’s wellness requirements (Parsapour et al., 2021).







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