Classmate answers to reply on for each chapter just one:


Chapter 1


Pretending I have never been in a managerial role, and was really wanting a chance at this amazing job opportunity I would have to be able to prove myself for them to consider me for the position. I could explain how well I’m able to manage daily life situations and tasks. For example, I could explain how well I am able to effectively, accurately, and timely complete a full time school schedule and workload as well as a full time work schedule and workload. On top of that stay on top of personal things such as; my physical and mental health, family events, stay in touch with close friends, etc. All of those daily life experiences require a lot of management skills. If I was able to use my current real-world experiences; I could explain my experience in restaurant management, construction project management, and sports management. Ultimately, there are various ways to prove myself, whether I have experience or not, to be considered for this job opportunity.


Chapter 2


Management philosophy was explained thoroughly in this chapter. Unfortunately, most employees will have more examples of scientific management and putting process and efficiency in the forefront versus, the human relations perspective and meeting the needs of individual employees. In my previous workplace, I was working for a popular Mexican restaurant in town, multiple times I personally experienced and seen my other coworkers experience being put second after the process and efficiency. For example, when feeling extremely sick, we were always asked to fight through it and keep working to help efficiency instead of being short staffed. The individual employee was rarely put first. That’s just my personal experience.


Chapter 3


Although we are going to see and experience multiple upcoming changes in the next 10 years, one specifically from the four components of general environment is technology. Technology is advancing quicker than we have ever seen it, from Crypto Currency, to NFT’s, to the Metaverse, to electric cars, and the list goes on and on. In the next 10 years, I think businesses will be affected like we have never seen it, majority will go completely remote. With the growth of AI and other advanced equipment, we will see many jobs being taken by them and many will need to go into a different field. The creation of the metaverse will also change the business world entirely. Businesses can adapt to these growing changes today, by accepting crypto as a form of payment, by adapting into the Metaverse, by lowering labor costs and have equipment do certain jobs, and many other adaptions. As previously mentioned, although the economy, sociocultural components, and political/legal components will have huge impacts on businesses in the next 10 years, technology will have the largest impact

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