Project Management-Automatic Cars

Week 2 – Project Charter:

Project title

Automatic Car Wiper Control System with Rain Sensor

· Purpose

The goal of this project is to develop a rain sensor-based car wiper control system that automatically adjusts the wiper speed in response to the amount of rain falling. The automated rain wiper system is used to detect rainfall and automatically activate the automobile’s rain wipers without the need for the driver to intervene. The system will help prevent distractions which will in turn increase driver’s concentration on operating the vehicle. One thing that has been done away with because of this product is having to manually adjust the windshield wipers when driving in rain or snow.

· Description

The automated rain wiper system is used to detect rainfall and automatically activate the automobile’s automatic rain wiper system without the driver’s involvement. One distraction that has been eliminated as a result of the development of this product is manual windshield wiper adjustment when driving in rain or snow conditions. When driving in poor weather conditions, the few seconds it takes a driver to take their attention away from the road to adjust a knob could result in a car accident. The system detects rain and the intensity of the rain by using a combination of impedance and a rain sensor. Among the components of the system is a controller, which receives input signals from sensors and controls the operation of the windshield wipers in response to those input signals. The purpose of this project is to assist in the reduction of accidents that occur as a result of a driver’s intending to clean the windshield while rain is falling and, as a result, diverting the driver’s attention away from the road while he or she is switching on and off the windshield wiper. On rainy days, we are subjected to the act of sprinkling water on the front windshield of our wheeler. While driving a car, the driver is unable to see other vehicles on the road. The result is that he attempts to operate wipers on the glass, which requires him to frequently switch on for the purpose of operating wipers, and this may result in a vehicle accident. In the event that we apply any type of sensor to the glass that detects the act of sprinkling water, the wiper will operate automatically as a result of automation. When water comes into contact with the sensor, a signal is sent to the system, which then moves the wiper motor. When the sensor no longer detects any water, the wiper will come to a halt. This will help to mitigate the flaws that were mentioned at the beginning of the article. According to an additional plan for this invention, the wiper will automatically push up and away from the windscreen when the engine is turned off.

· Objective

In this project, the goal is to develop a rain sensor-based car wiper control system that automatically adjusts the wiper speed in response to the amount of rain falling on the windshield. Water monitoring is extremely difficult in large cities and industries where supply and distribution tanks are located a long distance away from the water control station, creating a difficult situation. The goal of this project is to close this gap (Lester, 2021).




· Success criteria or expected benefits

The three success criteria for this project are the cost, the scope, and the time frame for completion (the triple constraint). If the project is capable of achieving the desired results specified in the project scope, to determine whether or not the project will be able to meet the deadline, which includes all milestones, and complete the project for the price that was agreed upon. making certain that everyone on the team is pleased with the outcome of the project. Obtain positive feedback from clients, sponsors, stakeholders, and other stakeholders, among other sources. Meet or exceed the expectations of all parties involved (Lester, 2021).

· Funding

Project funding is the process by which the funds required to carry out a project, program, or portfolio are raised and made available as and when they are required to do so. Funding for this project could come from a variety of sources, including a number of different investors. The project sponsors will provide the majority of the funding for the endeavor. The remaining funds will come from a variety of sources, including bank loans, investors’ shares, and other sources (Clive & Geoffrey, 2015).

· Major deliverables

The deliverables include the automatic Car Wiper Control System with Rain Sensor program implementation by the mandated deadline. The various project steps are expected to be completed and delivered within the budget and within the agreed timeline.

· Acceptance criteria

When it comes to project acceptance criteria, they are a set of criteria incorporating the performance requirements as well as important aspects that must be met to ensure the acceptance of the project (Project Management Institute, 2021). This section outlines the specific conditions under which the user is willing to accept the finished project. The following will be the acceptance criteria for this project: If the project is successful in its goal of automatically adjusting the windshield wipers when driving in the rain, it will be a success.

· Milestone schedule

Milestone Dates Milestone Name Milestone Description


· Key assumptions

The assumption for this project is that the lessons learned from the previous wiper system project will be reviewed to ensure that all project elements are addressed. After that, there is the approval of a budget plan for the funds that have been allocated for the project’s vendor selection. Following that, a milestone schedule is created, ensuring that the vendor selection for the project is completed by the deadline.


A number of obstacles must be overcome in order to ensure the implementation and completion of the project on time as well as within the budget. Some of the constraints include the deadline for project implementing, it is quite limited and the project has to be delivered within this agree timeline. On top of that, there are time constraints associated with drafting the program, the legal team, and other relevant parties before it can be distributed to vendors. Following that, meetings with all potential vendors will need to be scheduled as soon as possible, as these meetings will need to take place as soon as possible. Timing, scope, and cost are the three most significant project constraints for this project (Ali Khan, 2019).

· Major risks

There are various risks associated with the implementation of this project. Some of the risks include: time overruns, where the project team might fail to complete the project within the allocated timeline. The risk of changes in the requirement including various issues with the vendors which might impact the completion or implementation of the project. Budget related issues also constitute project risks (Project Management Institute, 2021).

· Approval requirements

The project sponsors, project manager and the company’s management are the crucial elements to approve the project.

· Project manager

Being the project manager, I have various strategic management skills as well as experiences, which I believe will help ensure the completion of the project in a good manner. The project management plan will be an essential aspect in this project to facilitate effective implementation as well as adjustment of the project as necessary through properly authorized changes in resource allocation, schedule modification, and purchasing authority. I intend to direct the performance of the project’s work with the assistance of my team, as well as manage any technical changes that may be required to meet organizational requirements. So that work gets done as planned, in the right order, by the right people, and on time, and so that extra costs don’t add up on a tight budget.

· Reporting requirements

All reporting will be channeled to the team lead. The various team lead will report directly to the project manager who will then link with the project sponsors and the company management.

· Sponsor designee and Approval signatures required


Approver Role and Title Acceptance Date
  Project Manager  







Scope and Schedule:

– Finalized project scope

The overall scope of this project was to design a Rain Sensor based car wiper control system. There were multiple hardware development phases which reflect the nature of system being developed and demonstration occurring during these activities. – WBS structure


– Develop project schedule







– Identify key milestones and deliverables

Milestone Date Milestone Name Milestone Description

– Outline project resources and assign them to tasks accordingly.

· The Human resources – This includes all the project team members who will be carrying out various project tasks/activities.

· Material resources – The raw materials as well as machines, tools, equipment, as well as resource management software that are required for the project.

· Financial resources – This includes the project budgets/funds that will be used to pay the project team, buy materials required etc.

· Time resources –This is allocated to the project plan, project schedule and include the time invested.


· – Stakeholder engagement – communication plan

The plan includes sections that are intended to assist in the identification of relevant stakeholders through the use of mapping tools, the formulation of strategies for engaging with them, and the planning of communication activities to reach them. Using this method helps you figure out how to reach other groups of people, like the media and civil society (Anastasi, 2018).

Name of the Stakeholder Action required to engage the stakeholder

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