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Accountability is an important component of the evaluation process and the evaluation process is used to determine the quality of effectiveness of performance. Evaluation is the systematic process to determine merit, worth, value, or significance (Wanzer 2021, p 29). The goal of evaluation is to find valuable information that can aid future decision making. Evaluation provide a small snippet into of the overall performance of the individual under review. Data gained from the performance review can lead to alternatives that can improve output and effectiveness. Formative or summative evaluations are conducted to determine the quality of the curriculum. Teacher accountability is necessary because it provides data to implement changes within the system. However it shouldn’t be the only measurement that determines teacher effectiveness.

A major component of the modern education system is a focus on data collection. Analytics are used throughout the system to determine area that require adjustments to influence changes. The explosion of data is in full swing the real challenge is to be able to manage the huge amount of data made available by digital technologies and ask the right questions (Palmiero and Cecconi 2019 p. 97). This wealth of available information provides a detailed view into the way students receive and interpret information. The availability of information allows for an in-depth analysis of student success or failure. This data can be used as an aid for the teacher to develop techniques to improve area where students struggled most. Data shouldn’t be the only measurement to teacher effectiveness. The data should only be used as a tool to examine areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Teacher effectiveness cannot be contingent upon test scores alone. Student learning isn’t always indicative of teacher output. There are many factors that can effect student performance on tests. Other methods of evaluation should be used side by side with test scores to provide an overall view of the teacher effectiveness. Teacher observations are a method of evaluation that can be utilized to determine teacher effectiveness.  Observations provide evaluators an opportunity to view the education in real time and witness classroom behavior. It is important to consider human, social, and material capital when enacting evaluation systems (Donaldson and Firestone 2021, p.524). Evaluations are necessary and are most effective when it provide full insight into overall performance.

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