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This week I did research on the transportation sector within my area as I currently reside in Tucson, Arizona within the area of Pima county. The Pima County transportation department uses several advanced technologies, data, and road work of more than 200 employees that manage nearly 2,200 miles of roadway, bicycle, pedestrian walkways, and transit services. Since I have lived in the city of Tucson, I have come to recognize that many city officials are big on making bike pathways and pedestrian facilities. In 2020 Tucson was named the top city for bikes according to the bicycle program “Peopleforbikes”. After evaluating over 550 cities Tucson was named for the most bike friendly as the transportation sector has produced more bike paths along busy streets while simultaneously having more pedestrian friendly sidewalks. Other than bicycles Pima county as has a massive public bus network that were accessible and free for many riders during the Covid-19 pandemic. Along every street bus stops have been studied and been subsequently deemed as most effective in transporting commuting passengers to and from areas. One major problem the Pima county Transportation sector has struggled with is upkeep of many roadways, several people have reported to the Transportation infrastructure website citing how many roads were worn down due to weathering, or the constant siting of potholes. To combat this Pima county has taken the initiative in selecting roadways to be fixed based on their level of damage as well as the level of traffic it gets as a priority.

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