EDUC 850

Theory Review Form Assignment Instructions

This assignment requires you to submit two completed Theory Review Forms as one Microsoft Word document. The template is posted and already contains forms for the two separate article reviews. The posted document must contain summaries of key aspects of theoretical articles or books that pertain to your research topic.

Theoretical articles or books refer to published works that are specifically about the theory, not just merely articles that mention the theory indirectly. The articles or books can be focused on one or two established theories that may guide your research and may be older than five years. Be sure to include the seminal work as one of your sources.

Examples of well-established theories include the following:

· Maslow’s (1954) Hierarchy of needs

· Vygotsky’s (1969) Social constructivism

· Knowles’ (1980) Adult learning theory

· Keller’s (2008) An integrative theory of motivation, volition, and performance

All articles or books for this assignment must have completed Theory Review Forms that are clear, concise, and 1–2 pages each. You may only include one theory, and not two different theories. Both reviews must be about the same theory.

For example, if a research topic is on the self-efficacy of professors in their use of technology for online learning, a candidate might choose the following primary text and then also the following research article on a theoretical framework for self-efficacy:


Bandura, A. (1977). Self-efficacy: Toward a unifying theory of behavioral change. Psychological Review84, 191–215.


Bandura, A. (2012). On the functional properties of perceived self-efficacy revisited. Journal of Management38(1), 9–44.


Alternatively, you might include a book from one of the primary theorists on constructivism since this theory of learning is often associated with effective online learning:

Vygotsky, L. S. (1978). Mind in society: The development of higher psychological processes. Harvard University Press.

Begin by locating two articles or books using the Jerry Falwell Library databases or Google Scholar. All sources must be read (or in the case of a book, simply reviewed). You will complete each box on the form with available information from the source; use your own words, and do not copy-and-paste. You must use current APA format where possible. The boxes will expand as words are typed. Use complete sentences (unless a list is called for).

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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