Running Head: Project Research and Annotated Bibliography


Project Research and Annotated Bibliography







Capstone Project

Week 3 – Project Research and Annotated Bibliography

Domino’s Pizza Group PLC









Benarbia, T., & Kyamakya, K. (2021). A Literature Review of Drone-Based Package Delivery Logistics Systems and Their Implementation Feasibility. Sustainability, 14(1), 360.

According to the authors, Bernabia and Kyamakya, within this most recent days, the e-commerce enterprises have ended up experiencing an increment within their day to day volume of packages that need to be delivered. They are also facing an increment in the number of specific demanding consumer expectations. Due to this, the delivery mechanism is one that has turned out to be quite expensive, more so for the last mileage. In order to remain competitive at the same time continue meeting the increased demand, the enterprises started identifying innovative autonomous options for delivery for the final mile. An example is autonomous unmanned aerial drones it vehicles. These are categorized as promising alternative suitable for this logistics industry. With the experienced success in the drones in surveillance in addition to remote sensing, the delivery drone systems are emerging in form of an enhanced solution in the reduction of delivery expenses in addition to time of delivery. In some years to come, the autonomous systems for drone sharing will turn out to be a mandatory logistical solution.

Yusoff, N. M., Muhammad, R., Nazari, N., Zaidi, N., Mohamad, M. A. A. S., & Ismail, F. H. (2022). Green technology implementation at fast food restaurants in selangor. J. Glob. Bus. Soc. Entrep.(GBSE), 7, 1-13.



In accordance with the approach of business social responsibility, the creation of restaurants that are energy-efficient cannot be said to be still a trendy move. With a number that is consistently growing of clients who have their focus on eco-friendliness, it becomes paramount that the restaurant owner makes the necessary change. Recycling, renewable resources, energy efficiency, safety concerns, technology and green products are classified as aspects within technology that is friendly environmentally, it preserves the environment protecting nature via suitable waste elimination. Nevertheless, apart from the promotion in addition to drivers strategies that are capable of influencing the green technology implementation, more so within the fast restaurants, most challenges as well as barriers see also in existence.

With this, the authors have an objective of determining the challenges that are crucial in influencing the adoption of green technology at the fast foods restaurants in addition to evaluating the relationship in between them. The authors carry out a survey that used the quantitative method via the questionnaire has become applicable. This was carried out on a number of 95 managers from the fart foods. Out of this, an overall of 75 managers have their responses delivered online. This was later on distributed through Google sort of a link utilizing the electronic mail.

The after results shows that the technological readiness is considered to be among the most challenging aspect known for influencing the green technology implementation within the restaurants.


Therefore, in order to be in a position to enjoy the benefits, the firm is supposed to play the role that is most important of making sure that every employee has sufficient relevant knowledge, prior to having the green technology implemented. This is inclusive of employing the mechanisms that are the best, capable of enhancing the readiness of the employees.

Stanković, M., Mrdak, G., & Stojanović, S. Innovations in Franchise Systems. PaKSoM 2021, 229.

In this article, as per the authors, franchising tends to be a growth strategy that is powerful. It has proven to be among the most appropriate methods that a can be used by a brand in achieving international presence. Through joining the franchising system, this franchisee tends to be easier as well as a rapid access to the market in comparison to the issue whereby, a company has to begin the business alone without any assistance. The essence of having innovations within the franchise concepts happens to be greatly emphasized, as per the modern tendencies within the international environment.

It is also possible to say that, the franchise systems that are most successful, are the ones dependent on a business concept that is proven. However, at the absence of any development of innovative processes as well as new products, the franchise models that have been tried and tested might end up being declared as obsolete.

These franchise companies that are innovative should be open to new processes, products and ideas, in addition to being ready to change plus adapt to the emerging technologies plus market trends.


Among the successful examples of the innovations, the Domino’s pizza proves to what extent innovation gets to contribute to the international and local success of the said Franchisee. The main of the article is pointing out the main essence of innovations within franchising, having its focus on the innovations that are most successful of franchise systems that well recognized.

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