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Category From Scenario List the Measure Used to Represent the Category Statistic for Hospital Measure Statistic for State Measure Statistic for National Measure
Use of Medical Imaging · CT Imaging


· Mammography

· Ultrasound


Skilled radiology team


The use of the latest technology and latest equipment


Seven convenient locations
Timely and Effective Care Quick, accurate results


A simple hospital system and procedures Provision with adequate equipment and resources Care for citizens at the national level
Patient Satisfaction: Communication from Nurses Timely communication and appointment notifications Proper communication channel Accommodates the needs of the state’s occupants National accreditation

The facility offers various imaging services for better diagnosis of patients’ conditions. CT imaging, MRI, mammography, and ultrasound allow examining different body organs at other body locations. In addition to using the latest equipment and technology, the facility has a skilled radiology team with excellent interpretation skills of radiology images, allowing physicians to make informed decisions on treatment and prognosis. The diverse location of different radiology centers brings convenience in accessing radiology services by members of the state living at distant sites from the facility. This facility promotes the effectiveness of care by ensuring timeliness in communicating appointments to patients. The use of advanced radiology instrument and machines enable the facility to enhance its efficacy of care. A simple hospital system and procedures promote quick service delivery and timely care. The nurses at the facility use proper and convenient communication channels to pass messages to their clients. As a result, there is patient satisfaction in how the facility conducts its operations.

In addition to Hospital Compare, there are other sources to find public information on facilities. One of the sources is a survey. A survey provides public reviews and opinions regarding their experiences in obtaining healthcare services at a facility. The public’s feedback is quick to get, and it depicts the operations and the efficiency of a medical system and its relation to the public. The other source is the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports. AHRQ identifies the qualities and weaknesses of a healthcare facility regarding its services to the public; the AHRQ is a reliable source of public information under the federal government’s sponsorship.

A timely communication and appointment notification are measures that can affect the facility in the scenario. The facility in this scenario lacks a proper communication channel and does not honor appointments set by them. The facility should improve its communication by ensuring the proper channels and engaging the patient early enough to enable appropriate preparations for their meetings. The quality of timely communication will allow patients to get timely treatment and promote their satisfaction. In addition, the patient will be unlikely to develop further complications due to delayed treatments. As a result of the effectiveness of the early intervention, the facility improves its efficiency.



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