HOPE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 1200 SW 3rd Street Pompano Beach, FL 33069 Phone: 954-532-9614 Mental Health Assessing Coping Styles Assignments


Assess your level of stress using the Recent Life Changes Questionnaire found in Table below and

evaluate your potential for illness in the coming year.

Identify stress-reduction techniques you think would be useful to learn.



Life-Changing Event Life Change Unit Health

An injury or illness that:

Kept you in bed a week or more or sent you to the hospital


Was less serious than above 44

Major dental work 26

Major change in eating habits 27

Major change in sleeping habits 26

Major change in your usual type and/or amount of recreation



Change to a new type of work 51

Change in your work hours or conditions 35

Change in Your Responsibilities at Work

More responsibilities 29

Fewer responsibilities 21

Promotion 31

Demotion 42

Transfer 32

Troubles at work

With your boss 29

With coworkers 35

With persons under your supervision 35

Other work troubles 28

Major business adjustment 60

Retirement 52

Loss of job

Laid off from work 68

Fired from work 79



Correspondence course to help you in your work 18

Home and Family

Major change in living conditions 42

Change in Residence

Move within the same town or city 25

Move to a different town, city, or state 47

Change in family get-togethers 25

Major change in health or behavior of family member


Marriage 50

Pregnancy 67

Miscarriage or abortion 65

Gain of a New Family Member

Birth of a child 66

Adoption of a child 65

A relative moving in with you 59

Spouse beginning or ending work 46

Child Leaving Home

To attend college 41

Due to marriage 41

For other reasons 45

Change in arguments with spouse 50

In-law problems 38

Change in the Marital Status of Your Parents

Divorce 59

Remarriage 50

Separation from Spouse

Due to work 53

Due to marital problems 76

Divorce 96

Birth of grandchild 43

Death of spouse 119

Death of Another Family Member

Child 123

Brother or sister 102

Parent 100

Personal and Social

Change in personal habits 26

Beginning or ending of school or college 38

Change of school or college 35

Change in political beliefs 24

Change in religious beliefs 29

Change in social activities 27

Vacation 24

New close personal relationship 37

Engagement to marry 45



Girlfriend or boyfriend problems 39

Sexual differences 44

“Falling out” of a close personal relationship 47

An accident 48

Minor violation of the law 20

Being held in jail 75

Death of a close friend 70

Major decision regarding your immediate future 51

Major personal achievement 36


Major Change in Finances

Increase in income 38

Decrease in income 60

Investment and/or credit difficulties 56

Loss or damage of personal property 43

Moderate purchase 20

Major purchase 37

Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan 58

One-year totals ≥500 life change units are considered indications of high recent life stress.

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