Write three paragraphs discussing the choices and effectiveness of the installation Fearless Girl by Kirsten Visbal. – In the first paragraph, you need to discuss the choices made by the group who commissioned it and the artist.  Think about the look of the statue including her size, age and facial features. Were they good choices?  Why would they make this choice?  Did these choices help or hurt the public response?

– In the second paragraph, discuss how the choice of location helped with the meaning and intent of the piece?  Would the meaning change if the stature was moved? Where was she originally placed?  What does the bull represent?  How did placing the girl in front of the bull impact the viewers understanding of the girl?  Was the location a good choice?


– In the third paragraph, you will share with your own proposal for an art installation that you would create. What kind of installation would you design? Where would you like it to be placed? Why did you choose that location? How do you think it would transform the space?

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