What is “due” for Assignment #3? – SPSS Study One Data File

Step One: Download the three “main questionnaires” and “researcher instructions” from Canvas. Read the researcher instructions carefully


Step Two: Find three participants to complete the three main questionnaires (one participant per survey). Hold onto those completed questionnaires. You will NOT actually turn in these surveys, but you will need them to help you complete your SPSS data file


Step Three: You will have a lab presentation that teaches you how to set up an SPSS file and how to enter data. Look for the lab session on your course schedule. During that lab session, have your completed three surveys with you. After you learn how to set up your SPSS file, you will enter the data from your three surveys into SPSS.


Step Four: After your lab session, save your SPSS from your three main questionnaires. Your file should automatically end with the file extension .sav (for example, you can name it “Study One SPSS Data.sav”)


Step Five: Upload your SPSS data file (your .sav file) to Canvas. This is the file / assignment that we will grade (5 points for the upload). Then your work for the assignment is done!


Step Six: Before your next lab (where you will analyze your data for your Paper II), your instructor will merge the SPSS files from all students into one final SPSS file. Your three participants will be added to the participants that other students collected, resulting in an SPSS data file with over 100 participants / respondents. You will use this “Final” SPSS data file to run statistics.

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