Week 4: Assignment – Role and Engagement of Stakeholders Summary


PICOT question: Use of sertraline versus sertraline with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to treat depression in teenagers age 12-18 over a 1-year period of time. – Approved by Dr. S

Assignment Prompt

Write 3-4 pages applicable to your capstone project. Identify the stakeholders (use fictitious names for stakeholders) that will play a major part with your study and integrate with your project.

Topics to include:

1. Roles of stakeholders

2. Identify your stakeholders – are they supportive to your project?

3. List of stakeholders who will be interested in the results of your project

4. Promoting stakeholder participation

5. Possible concerns/barriers from stakeholders

6. Strategies that you will use to gain support and assistance from your stakeholders


· Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT

· Length3-3-4 pages


· Citations: At least TWO- THREE high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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