(Victoria) It can be daunting to implement online solutions in a business that has never done it before. It is not uncommon to hear phrases such as “well this is how we have always done it, why change?”. Although, with todays technology it is easier than ever to implement these technological changes and they can benefit a business greatly. One of the first steps in the process would be to brainstorm and build an e-commerce presence map. This includes your main idea, source of capital, revenue model, target audience, market identification, and SWOT analysis. I suggest building a website for the BBQ chain restaurants, if a website is already implemented possibly a redesign could be of use or the development of a mobile application. The website will use the development methodology of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). The SDLC will help to keep us on track along the process of developing the website. The benefits of implementation the online solution of a website include reaching a larger audience, attracting more customers, ease of use for customers, advertising, and more. All of which should help to increase the return on investment.

Topic: Suggestions:
Development tools It would be inefficient to hire a development team in-house for this project. I suggest outsourcing an individual, small team, or third-party business to develop the website.
Hardware Due to the lack of space for large hardware in a restaurant, the hardware should be offsite. Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) can host everything for you. This also allows for easy scalability when needed.
In-house or outsource Since this is not a tech company or a business likely with the space or staff to maintain systems, I suggest outsourcing.
M-Commerce Plans to further develop m-commerce will be discussed but for now the website will be responsive so that it is clearly viewable on all devices. An accessible website is compatible with all browsers, operating systems, and devices (Acosta-Vargas, Salvador-Acosta, Salvador-Ullauri, Jadán-Guerrero, 2022).
Merchant software A third-party software will be used in systems including point of sale.
Software The restaurant will not need to develop their own software it will be outsourced or done by/bought from a third part.
Web servers Large hardware such as web servers will not be in-house but implemented through cloud services to save on costs and space.
Website performance improvement The website will be updated with new menu items and specials as needed by in-house. Search engine optimization may be discussed to attract more customers.

Acosta-Vargas, P., Salvador-Acosta, B., Salvador-Ullauri, L., & Jadán-Guerrero, J. (2022). Accessibility challenges of e-commerce websites. PeerJ Computer Science, doi:https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj-cs.891


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