TIPS & TRICKS: When the Emperor was Divine Final Group Project


Tips on Creating Your Presentation:



· The use of images as an argument

· The arrangement of elements on a page

· The use of typography (fonts, etc.)

· The analysis of existing images and visuals


Text Elements (words in your visual, if applicable)

· Pay attention to what your type and font is “saying” to your audience

· What is the “personality” represented in what your text looks like

· There are formal and informal fonts – match this to your message

· The consequences of font choices

· Consider the effect of each font on the reader’s reception of your message

· What is the selected font’s personality and appropriateness to message?

· Your font choice can either build or harm your ethos (credibility) as an author

· The context and purpose of the document is important

· The cultural and visual associations of the fonts should fit the purpose of the document

· Type of text dictates font choice

· Make sure it’s readable and not distracting



· Most basic and most critical choice you, as an author, can make

· Black text on white background shows high contrast and is the most common choice

· White text on a black background, however is not ideal

· Consider the cultural associations of color that your audience might have and how this will affect their reception of your message



· Clip art/stock photos

· Avoid the cartoony/cheesy effect

· Choose images that truly fits the purpose of the visual

· Match design schemes, if you’re pairing images

· (consider creating images instead, honestly)

· Photographs and manipulated images should be thoughtfully selected


Overall design

· Create a path for the eye

· Visual should include striking, eye-catching elements

· Audience should be able to find information easily

· Design should be considered as rhetorical organization

· Design should be consistent

· Avoid “kitchen-sink syndrome”

· There are many pitfalls of prefab templates

· To evaluate your design, ask yourself:

· Is your design clarifying your information?

· Is your design unique enough to make it stand out?

· Is your design readable from its intended distance?

· Have you checked for typos and errors?



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