This assignment requires you to analyze versus summarize. In order to succeed on this assignment, it is important that you review and understand the difference between analyzing and summarizing.  For more information on this distinction, please see the link labeled Analyzing versus Summarizing in Modules.

Think of a culture different than your own that you will likely have frequent interaction within the career you choose during the next one to five years.  Do not choose a culture that you would prefer to have interaction with. Rather, choose a culture that you will have interaction with.

In a 3 pages double-spaced response with 1″ margins using size 12 font (times new roman or similar), address each of the following questions:

1. Identify three value dimensions of this culture that are different from your own culture. Think about values and behaviors and business protocol. Explain.

Here are a few sources to help you learn more about the culture:

Go to Hofstede Compare Countries (Links to an external site.)   https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/ to compare Hofstede’s value dimensions of different countries. Begin by selecting a country and then select a comparison country.

Culture Crossing (Links to an external site.)    http://guide.culturecrossing.net/  (Links to an external site.)

If you choose to explore generational differences, here is a resource that may help: https://www.purdueglobal.edu/education-partnerships/generational-workforce-differences-infographic/

2. Identify two biases you hold about this culture.  Be specific.  Explain.

3. What are three important ways in which you will become more flexible in order to promote intercultural competence with a person from this culture? How will you go about monitoring your ethnocentrism with this culture? Explain. Be specific. Provide an example.

Feel free to use any suggestions made by the following resources:

Valerie Alexander’s TED Talk – How to Outsmart Your Own Unconscious Bias

The Forbes article How to Succeed in a Cross-Cultural Workplace

Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s TED Talk

Valerie Hoek’s TED Talk

The Danger of a Single Story TED Talk

The Power of Outrospection – RSA Animate video

Use first person: Since this paper requires you to explore aspects of you, it is appropriate to use first person throughout.

Note:  Be sure to upload your paper as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.




Discussion Question Rubric: The following criteria will be used to grade this assignment:

1. Completeness – worth 30 Points and based on:  a.) addressing every question asked in the Task section above, demonstrating analysis (as opposed to summarizing); demonstrating adequate depth and thoughtfulness in your self-reflection.

2. Appropriate Application of Course Concepts and Terms – worth 30 Points:  your use of course terminology and concepts should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

3. College Level Writing – worth 15 Points:  organization, conventions, grammar, word choice, syntax and spelling count.

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