Subject: Applied Information Technology

Q1. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion.

Note: 150 words with intext citation and references please.

The first resource systematically writes about how to construct a successful project. Every project has its objectives. However, it takes a lot of knowledge and efforts for a project manager to align the project outcomes with its objectives. The reference will be used to conduct the project. The second resource writes about what readers value the most in books. This would help me in identifying and differentiating DuanMu reading from its competitors.

The challenges I met when determining the best solution is to balance between the effectiveness of the project and its cost. I have to choose the most cost-effective solution I can come up to promote the business and improve customer experience. There were many other solutions such as hosting more onsite activities. However, through creating a mobile application, it not only eases the renting process for customers, but also makes marketing easier.

Q2. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion.

Note: 150 words with intext citation and references please.

Kafka: a Distributed Messaging System for Log Processing, Jay Kreps (LinkedIn Corp.,, Neha Narkhede (LinkedIn Corp.,, Jun Rao (LinkedIn Corp., Retrieved from Initially Kafka is a log system only. Later, it becomes popular as a message queue system due to the natural of the work flow. The article proposed the essence of the system that the once the requests arrived the web application, the requests were recorded as the messages and saved on the disk, and directly replied to the clients. The requests may be the either structural or native data for the message consumers. Another system to play the role of the message consumer then read through the data as parameters to run the actual business logic interface. The result will show up for the client eventually. In my project, it will be the message queue module to decouple the synchronized call chains for the order status transform to guarantee the transaction performance on database. The challenge is the messages and order status transform may be chaotic due to the complex configuration and testing asynchronously. Kafka is matured and still the best solution for my case. Building REST services with Spring, On Java platform, Spring is the most popular framework, especially Spring Boot and MVC were well integrated to develop for web application development. In brief, Spring Boot is a solution to configure the project libraries and config files, and Spring MVC is the MVC framework for Java web to the HTTP parameters validation, transform and output etc. In my project, it’s the main role for the web application and services (RESTful). The challenge is the configuration due to the complexity.

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