School of Security and Global Studies Senior Seminar in Emergency and Disaster Management EDMG 498

Course Project: EOC Grant Outline

Student Name:

Course Section:

Name of Locality:

Part A

Community Description

Name of Locality: [ List the community’s name and state. Your community should be a political subdivision such as a county, parish, or large city.]








Complete Description of Location and Boundaries: [Completely describe the location and boundaries of your community. Make these as clear as possible and identifiable on a map. Include a map, or maps, of your community, and caption your map(s) properly.]



Main Community Mission: [ Main reason for being a community- Why does the community exist? Detail the reason for being a community, its “raison d’etre”, e.g., Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Services, ‘Bedroom Community’ for nearby metropolis, Higher Education, etc.]



Secondary Community Mission(s): [ Other reasons for being a community- Why does that community exist? Detail the secondary reason(s) for being a community, e.g., Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Services, ‘Bedroom Community’ for nearby metropolis, Higher Education, etc.]



Part B

Community Topography and Climate

Climate and Weather Conditions: [ What is the climate and weather found in your community? What serious climate or weather conditions may present hazards?]




Community Topography: [ Describe the Topography of your community. Include anything that might be a particular hazard.]




Community Population and Demographics


Population and Demographics: [What is the population, and what are the demographics of that population, in your community?]




Population at Risk/ Vulnerable populations: [What groups are at risk from, or

vulnerable to, hazards, threats, or threat groups in your community? Why or how are

these groups at risk? Think “all-hazards” when contemplating threats.]







Part C

Community Threats and Threat Groups


Hazards, Threats, Risks and Threat Groups: [What are the hazards, threats and threat groups which you see as potential problems for your community? Use an all-hazards approach]




Targets/ Vulnerable Populations: [What are the groups or population segments that these threats might target or harm? What vulnerable populations exist within the community? Again, remember to use an all-hazards approach]






Part D

Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR)


Identify Community Vulnerable Critical Infrastructure: [Review your Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources and choose five or more as priorities for protection and mitigation. List your choices and include the reasoning for each choice; address their attributes, value to the community, and their vulnerabilities.]






Investment Impact


[ Describe how the project efficiently enhances EOC capabilities in a response.

Page Limit: Not to exceed a ½ page response


Describe how the project will enhance emergency management capabilities for the State, local, or tribal applicant

Describe how the project will accomplish this in a cost- effective manner ]



Pre-Existing Planning

[ Describe any pre-existing planning efforts that have been conducted for this investment.

Response Type Narrative

Page Limit Not to exceed ½ page response


Description of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the deficiencies noted in the facility assessment, including:

Architectural plans developed

Permits in Place

Description of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the proposed project

Description of hazard-resistance design guidance utilized as part of the pre-existing planning, such as but not limited to

FEMA 426/452 for identifying and mitigating man-made and terrorist threats

FEMA 361 and FEMA 543 for identifying and mitigating flood and wind hazards

FEMA 310 (ASCE 31) and FEMA 356 for identifying and mitigating seismic hazards

Description of any current activities that have taken place relative to rectifying the identified deficiencies or needs identified in the assessment]








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