Running Head: Phase 1 – Background, Business Justification, and Project Introduction


Phase 1 – Background, Business Justification, and Project Introduction









Capstone Project

Week 2 – PA 1 – Phase 1: Domino’s Pizza Group PLC















Phase 1: Domino’s Pizza Group PLC



Domino’s Pizza Group PLC is a pizza delivery company based in the United Kingdom. It is based on holding unique franchise rights to function, operate and franchise in the United Kingdom and at the Republic of Ireland. The restaurant operates through segment of the UK and Ireland markets as well as across other international domains.

Domino’s Pizza Group PLC enjoys good political stability that sees the company comply with different government provisions and regulations. Trade barriers of specific country of operation is aimed to protect Domino’s operations while other trade barriers interfere with its operations. Pricing requirements and regulations in some countries can affect the profitability of the company.

High inflation rates have caused increment of costs of raw materials hence impacting the price of goods. UK’s economy is at the booming phase creating a positive impact on the economic growth of the company.

Diverse national and international economic conditions which increases its profitability. Role of Brexit and its impact on the European business has affected its operations in the UK and other countries.

Domino Pizza as a multinational company enjoys some social factors and diverse range of customers that adhere to its western civilization and cultural advantage. The company is also incorporating all types of cultures in food production to capture customer reliability.

Domino’s culture in the environment is affected by the culture of the community on some social factors such as demography, engagement of women in the taskforce, and influence structure in the community.

Business Justification


Domino’s Pizza Group PLC enjoys some strengths and opportunities that shape its success in the UK. It uses a franchise-based model. Another opportunity is creation of human capital in Domino’s Company where competitive advantage is generated. Some of the constraints facing the company are competition from national and international brands such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Little Caesar and changing customer perception and preferences.

The company has been dedicated to do better and greater in the field of operations and become the next big thing for UK. The Domino’s Pizza Group PLC has been dedicated to provide the best recipe for the consumers in terms of pizza production.

The phase 1 project will convert the technological outlook and overview of the company ensuring that it’s an e-commerce-based company that sells and distributes pizza across the United Kingdom, republic of Ireland and internationally. It will be able to compete well with other companies and operate quickly like other related companies like Amazon which have a good online base.

The foundation of Domino allows it the chance to create and develop a system that convinces franchisees to adopt the technological system by giving them a chance to prove their capacity and have a point-of-sale (POS) system to have better sales and productivity.


Project Introduction

This phase project seeks to explore the impacts of technological advancements on the company and its operations. Impact of technology on the company: Technology at Domino’s has eased and revolutionized ordering and delivery services.

Technological advancement has hastened digital innovation and transformation to deal with rapidly increasing competitive advantage. Technology has built some sense of consumer-centric and appealing experience to its competitive advantage with other companies in the industry (Wolfer, 2022).

The company should convey a lot innovative mechanisms to reach more pizza consumers and trigger a more extensive sales-base through a contentment process. Invention in technology is an essential tool for the company as it will trigger the company towards the extensive edge of success and realization of significant dreams.

The restaurant is pushing ahead through the phase of information technology advancement. The company holds a lot of technological advancement teams that strategize to make the company better in terms of advancement.

Various technological involvement such as autonomous deliveries, voice automations, GPS tracking alongside other technological strategies to allow navigation into different localities. This move is very essential to Domino’s Pizza Group PLC as it will help it deal with all competitive threats and delivery of services to consumers.

The technological advancement also plays an essential role in inserting a lot of consequences for the Domino’s Pizza Group PLC restaurant in United Kingdom, Ireland and internationally.

An integrated relationship is advanced through appropriate marketing and personnel to help in integration of operations to satisfaction of clients (Sule et al., 2020). The impact of the string and couple of technological advancements is to help the company have a better outlook and reflection for innovation and other improvements.

Customer-base are the center of the project and should be advanced in a way that is acceptable for iPhones and other android phones to be used by the customers.



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