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Part C

Iliana Martinez


American Military University

24 April 2022




Community Threats and Threat Groups

Hazards, Threats, Risks, and Threat Groups: 

Florida is facing huge modern-day hazards, and scientists, political groups, and ecological assemblies are working to secure the area from environmental effects. Research is conducted and enlisted seven environmental hazards which Florida is facing. Along with these potential environmental threats, solutions are also mentioned. Some of the solutions can help in tackling the situation, while others will just postpone the unavoidable circumstances Florida will have to face in the future. However, doing something is always better than doing nothing. The upsurge of Sea Level:- According to some sources, Florida is drowning, and in the next thirty years, the sea level may rise up to 31 inches. It is estimated that nearly 120,000 properties near may drown by the next thirty years in the sea. Water uncleanness:- The salt seawater is soaking inland and infecting drinking water. In addition to this, toxic wastage of the sugar industry and farming has further made the situation worst. The situation is being tackled by the inflow of freshwater by a storage plant to control the salinity. Flora, fauna, and Habitat loss:- Climate change is destroying the wildlife of Florida. More than 12,000 species have lost half of their natural habitat. There are debates undergoing to relocate the displaced species to other places. Cyclones:- Hurricanes and cyclones are one of the worst climate threats to Florida. They have repeatedly caused the loss of billions of dollars of property. Environmental changes have further made Florida susceptible to cyclones. Very few efforts have been found helpful in tackling the issue. There are, however, efforts to change the building structure to minimize the loss caused due to tornadoes and cyclones. Climate Refurbishment:- Due to extreme climate impact, the land at a high level is going beyond the reach of poor or middle-class communities. This has persuaded locals to bring legal action who believe their rights have been compromised. This can be solved by providing locals good working environment and facilitating their lives.


Targets/ Vulnerable Populations: 

Poor and middle-class communities are most vulnerable to these environmental hazards as the land at high levels in Florida is becoming more and more costly with the passage of time, and the poor local community is not able to cope with the situation. Politics:- One of the most important facts that have caused affected the area is politics. Politicians here prefer industry over the environment, which is the cause of much loss to the climate of Florida. People don’t have enough resources to protect themselves from natural disasters. Their sources are less money, and shelter is not provided to the affected communities at immediate effects.














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