Part B

Community Topography and Climate

Climate and Weather Conditions:

The summers are hot, oppressive, and long at MacDill Air Force Base. The summers are usually cloudy. Whereas the winters are partly cloudy, short, windy, and cool. However, the temperature typically varies over the year. It varies from 11 ℃ to 34℃. It is rarely below 3℃ and or above 34℃.

For 4.8 months, the hot season lasts that is from May 13 to October 8. During this hot season, 30℃ is the average daily high temperature. July is the hottest month of the year at MacDill Air Force Base. And in July 32℃ is the average high. On the other hand, the winter season is short and lasts for 2 months. In this season, 23℃ or below 23℃ is the daily average high temperature. At MacDill Air Force Base, January is the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 11℃ (Florida & States, 2022).

Community Topography:

This community is located in the Gulf Coastal Plains region. Clay layers in this area are thick and range up to 40 feet thick while the sands range from 5-20 feet thick. On the eastern side of the base, the surficial layer is very thin or even absent. The second deepest layer ranges from 250 to 500 feet thick and is composed of Tampa and Suwannee Limestone.

When we look at the Florida Gulf Coast, we observe the sea-level changes. Because of the accelerating climate change, changes in the sea and ocean have taken place. Some of the archeological sites have drowned due to these sea-level changes. Many inland sites have now appeared closer to the coast as a result of the rising sea level.

Today not just MacDill Air Force Base but the entire Tampa, Florida is at risk of flood risks and has always suffered floods because of the rising seas. People living in this area are facing challenges. In the future, due to changes in climatic conditions, the sea level will rise more and it will cause more challenges. Each year, communities in the United States face flood challenges and these calamities destroy livelihood and lives.

Population and Demographics

At MacDill Air force Base, there are 6,137 residents. Statistics show that these residents have a median age of 29. Currently, the female population is 3,231, while the male population is 2,901. The female population is higher (52.65%) than the male population (47.37 %). The region has a population of both US-born citizens and non-US-born citizens. The non-U.S-born citizens make up 10.36%., while US-born citizens make up 83.35%. Overall, the population of Tampa Bay is around 3 million (States et al., n.d.).

The population at Risk/ Vulnerable populations:

MacDill Air force Base community is on 5767 acres, at the tip of the peninsula. When it was founded, the developers did not think of the rising sea level or sustainability or any other thing because at that time there were no climate or environmental issues. However, today the community of the area is concerned because they are vulnerable to rising sea levels. They are at risk of flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes. The infrastructure and lives are at risk and the threats of the floods are real. The neighboring regions may also face these challenges (Feed et al., 2022).

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