Part 1: Choose two theories of delinquent behavior from the following:

  • Strain Theory
  • Social Disorganization Theory
  • Drift Theory
  • Differential Association Theory
  • Labeling Theory
  • Social Control Theory
  • Positivism and Rational Choice
  • Systems Theory and Other Biosocial Theories
  • Cognitive Theories of Desistance

Using the two theories you have chosen, address the following:

  • Explain the history of the theory
  • Explain how the theory applies to juveniles
  • Explain the specific behaviors or attitudes that may be considered normal for the offender’s age per the theorists’ conclusions
  • Explain how the behaviors may be normal depending on culture or social status

Part 2: For the two theories you selected, provide your opinion on why these two theories may be connected to juvenile delinquency.

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