Multi-National Corporation (IKEA) you chose for your Course Project

Write section IV and section V for this project.

Section IV: Using this MNC’s origin nation, outline why the culture of this country might influence the costs of doing business in that country. Illustrate your answer with examples.


Section V: Examine how the MNC’s country of origin has impacted that MNC’s corporate culture and practices. Give examples. Be especially careful to address the language, religious and ethical systems in the country of origin.


Use of APA & References

APA format: Include a cover page, headers, page numbers, and headings (titles and subtitles). Text is double spaced and used a consistent font. Using APA format, the paper includes in-text citations and reference entries. All references must be identified in two places—in-text (within the body of the paper) and listed in the Reference page. You must use at least three credible resources (journals and databases) outside of your textbook.


Writing and Style

The paper uses proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The student makes limited use of first-person narratives and contractions. Content is free of idioms, colloquialisms, and clichés.



4 pages

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