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Student Jesdani Atanes

Option 1:

Today, social media is held at a high regard and can be a very influential tool in all aspects. When discussing its purpose in presidential campaigns, it can have both positive and negative impacts. Social media allows individuals to access political news anywhere and anytime, Facebook and Twitter have made a great influence for this very reason. Political campaigns can use social media to help further expand their target audience which can positively impact the expected outcome of the campaign, as a whole. With the use of social media, it can help shine light on the election, build name recognition, highlight specific issues, and showcase their opponents’ shortcomings (Nott, 2020).

Social media can be seen as a successful tool when used appropriately. The easy accessibility of social media can be seen as a key highlight of success for presidential campaigns as it allows for the candidate to expand their audience. Through their own posts, the candidate or their party can build a connection with a target audience, further benefiting the presidential candidate and its campaign in the long run. Another positive aspect that we have seen in recent years through social media is the presence of voting. In recent years, they have created hashtags such as “#IVoted”, to appeal to a millennial crowd in hopes to encourage everyone to vote and take change into their own hands.

On the opposing end, social media can also have negative influences on presidential campaigns. According to Greenberg & Page (2018), “For decades, people have consistently reported that television is their main source of news over newspapers and news magazines, but the Internet closing fast” (p. 150). As we know, social media is not seen as a credible source and can in fact be rather the opposite. Anyone is able to write and share what they please with no regards of truth behind it. This can be a disadvantage as people now rely more on social media outlets rather than the newspapers or television where more credible information can be shared. In terms of presidential campaigns, this can sway individuals to look at the candidates in a different light, depending on what they may see on social media.


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