Introduction and Perspective (worth 30 points)

Learning Objective 1a

Each of the major perspectives in psychology provides insight and a unique way of explaining human behavior, thought, and emotion.

Step 1: Review Textbook 1.3: History of Psychology and Main Perspectives and carefully review the “Main Perspectives Key Words Chart” to prompt your memory of the main concepts of each perspective.

Main Perspectives Key Words Chart
















neurotransmitter imbalances


unconscious processes


observable behavior


self-actualization (reaching one’s full potential)


cognition (thought)


cultural values


natural selection


nervous system, especially the brain


childhood experiences


behavior and consequences


unconditional positive regard/empathy/congruence




universality and diversity


survival of the fittest




id, ego, and superego


rewards and punishments


person’s unique worldview/capacity to “choose” how to think and act


decision- making


Individualist and Collectivist cultures


genetic adaptations


endocrine system


ego defense mechanisms


laws of learning


concern regarding conditions of worth


belief system


relevance of cultural factors


biological preparedness

Step 2: Create and post a written response that addresses the following prompts:

· In your first paragraph, please include the following:

· Introduce yourself to your classmates.

· Explain the academic degree and area of study you are currently pursuing.

· Describe your career goals and explain what you believe the ideal but also realistic job in your career would look like. If you would like to search information about your ideal job, please consult the following link:   O*NET Online .

· Explain the personal or professional challenges you anticipate in your career-of-interest.

· Most professionals in the field of psychology are eclectic, drawing on more than one approach to capture their perspective in psychology. In the next paragraph of your post, please include the following:

· Identify at least *two* of the main approaches that are most relevant to the career-of-interest you identified and explain why.

· If a friend asked you why the main approaches are relevant to understanding human psychology, how would you thoughtfully respond to your friend’s question?

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