I remember the first time I watched the video, “Swans for Relief.”  It was created by Misty Copeland to raise awareness of the difficulties of professional dancers all over the world who have not been able to pay their bills due to the closure of performance spaces because of Covid-19. I wept the first time I watched these artists dancing without audiences. They are dancing alone in their kitchens, in their back yards, in their living rooms. I still cannot watch “Swans for Relief” without crying.

To me, this video is the perfect embodiment of the complexity of what art can communicate, from suffering to dignity.

I hope I never forget how tough it has been for artists during the pandemic, those who could not (and in some cases still cannot) perform or show their work to live audiences. Now that some theaters and galleries have reopened, I have begun to buy tickets to performances. Artists deserve my financial, intellectual, and emotional support.


What are you learning during the pandemic, that you hope not to forget?


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