Exp19 Excel Ch01 ML2 Sales

Excel Chapter 1 Mid-Level 2 – Sales


Project Description:

You own a small real estate company in Indianapolis. You track the real estate properties you list for clients. You want to analyze sales for selected properties. Yesterday, you prepared a workbook with a worksheet for recent sales data and another worksheet listing several properties you listed. You want to calculate the number of days that the houses were on the market and their sales percentage of the list price. In one situation, the house was involved in a bidding war between two families that really wanted the house. Therefore, the sale price exceeded the list price


Start Excel. Download   and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch01_ML2_Sales.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


The owners of the   house on 386 East Elm Street took their house off the market. You want to delete   that row since it did not sell.
Delete row 8, which has incomplete sales data.


You want to assign a   property ID to each listing. The code will have the year 2021 with a   sequential number.
Type 2021-001 in cell A5 and use Auto Fill to complete the   series to assign a property ID to each property in the range A6:A12.


Real estate agents   study the number of days houses are on the market. In some cases, the longer   a house is on the market, it might indicate the asking price is too high.
Enter a formula in cell C5 that calculates the number of days the first house   was on the market by subtracting the date listed from the date sold. Copy the   formula to the range C6:C12.


Monetary values look   better when they are formatted to display the dollar signs. Because all   monetary values are whole numbers, you will decrease the decimal points to   avoid columns where all the data ends in .00.
Format the list prices and sold prices in the range F5:G12 with Accounting   Number Format with zero decimal places.


To analyze the real   estate market, it is helpful to calculate the selling prices as a percentage   of the list price. For example, the second house was listed for $500,250, but   it sold for only $400,125. Therefore, the sale percentage of the list price   is .7999 or 79.99%.
Enter a formula in cell H5 that calculates the sales price percentage of the   list price for the first house by dividing the sold price by the list price.   Copy the formula to the range H6:H12.


The calculated   percentages need to be formatted with the percent symbol rather than   displaying the values as raw numbers.
Format the values in the range H5:H12 with Percent Style with two decimal   places.


Currently, the labels   on row 4 are hard to read. You will wrap the headings within each cell to   improve readability.
Wrap the headings in the range A4:H4.


For better sequencing   of columns, you want to display the Days on Market column after the two   columns containing the dates.
Insert a new column between the Date   Sold and List Price columns.   Move the Days on Market data to the   new blank column F by moving the range C4:C12 to F4:F12. Delete column C.


You notice the list   contains a wrong date and wrong list price that need to be corrected.
Edit the list date of the 41 Chestnut   Circle house to be 4/22/2021. Edit the list price of the   house on Amsterdam Drive to be $355,000.


Increasing the height   of the rows of data and centering the data vertically between the top and   bottom cell margins will make it easier for the other agents to review the   data.
Select the property rows (rows 5:12), set a 25 row height, and apply   Middle Align.


Displaying borders   helps separate the property listings.
Apply the All Borders border style to the range A4:H12.


You want to improve   the alignment of number of days on market below the column label.
Apply Align Right and increase the indent two times on the days on market   formula results in the range E5:E12.


The widths of the   columns containing the Days on Market, List Price, and Sold Price data need   to be adjusted for better appearance.
Set the Days on Market column width to 9. Set the List Price and Sold   Price column widths to 11.86.


The property listings   dataset is small. To improve readability on the printed copy for the other   real estate agents, you will increase the scaling.
Apply 120% scaling.


You don’t need the   data on the Properties sheet but you do want to insert another sheet for   formulas.
Delete the Properties sheet and insert a new sheet named Formulas.


You want to copy the   original data to the new sheet so that you can modify the duplicated data.
Use the Select All feature to select all data on the Houses Sold worksheet   and copy it to the Formulas worksheet.

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