Discussion 1 (100 words)

Take 15 minutes and complete Chapter 2’s  #2 exercise of “KICK-STARTS: Beginning Your Story” on p. 148 of your eText. Don’t worry about polishing the piece. Just dive in and write as much as you can about the two characters going after each other, as fast as you can in that time, and see how far into the story you can push it. Give it a once-over after that to correct any obvious spelling or punctuation errors and leave it at that. Then, provide an outline for the rest of the story, bearing in mind the assigned readings, especially on plot and story. Post the results as your main response in the discussion.


Exercise #2 of Kick start: Quickly jot down the names of the five to ten most interesting people you know. Then take a closer look at the list. Which two people from that list would make the most sparks fly if they were put into a story together? What would be the nature of their conflict? Set them loose on each other and see what happens.

Reply 1 (50 words)

Three men riding in a Ford extended cab truck down an old dusty gravel road.  Windows down on a hot August day.  The hot air blowing against their facing swirling to the back.  These men have been friends for nearly 25 years. Paul the driver, was always the storyteller of the bunch.  Brady the business type was next to Paul, always clean cut and white iron starched shirt with jean as sift as cardboard. I’m sure when he took them off, at the end of the day, they could stand on there on just like being worn.  By the passenger door sat Arnold, he was typical practical joker and loved to spoil Paul’s daughter Kay.


Little Kay spent most of summer breaks with her dad. She never knew where the day would take them.  The two, would get up early every morning and head into town to the coffee shop.  Paul would order coffee and Kay would get toast with grape jelly.  Kay loved to listen to all the cattlemen trade stories. You can hear 5 different conversations going on at one time. What they’ve been doing, what cattle brought at the last sale, old yeller jumped 5 coons the other night.  In the 1990’s that’s the only way to find out what was going on in the community. They had heard about black bag mobile phone, but they hadn’t made it to Dent County, Missouri, yet.  The morning hot spot changed over the years, but the stories and friendly congress remained the same.  On this day of adventure, Kay was riding in the back of the old two-tone ford.  She was listening to the three friends talk. Paul and Arnold had been friends since the old days working at Farm Bureau Insurance.  Now Paul was a cattle rep for a local cattle sale.  Brady half owner in the sale barn and a cattle buyer for several cattle yards in the Midwest to Western States.  Arnold still at Farm Bureau was just along for the ride.


The hot wind from the open windows was swirling around Kay curly brown pigtails.  She stood on the back glass in the extended cab small space looking out at the line of fence rows and lighten green grass.  The heat of August was starting to work on the spring’s pretty, green grass.  The four of them were on their back from looking at set of cattle.





· They are going to stop at a gas station



· Kay is going to get a chocolate bar



· The heat of the summer is going to meat it has she eats it.


· She is standing in the back of the truck


· She puts her hands on the back of Brady’s shirt leaving chocolate handprints


· Brady thinks nothing


· Arnold sees this and get Paul’s Attention


· Paul then sees the Chocolate on the back of Brady shirt (does a half grin to Arnold and they on about their business.)


· The two drop of Brady at his house either one every said a word until Brady Stepped into the house.

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