Communication Plan Template

Part 1: Communication among stakeholders is a key aspect of successful project management. Complete the template below to plan out the details of communicating throughout the project.



(What type of communication needs to take place, i.e., team meeting?)

Stakeholders Involved

(Who should be included in the development of this communication?)


(How often will the communication occur?)

Stakeholder’s Preferred Method of Communication

(Meeting, newsletter, etc.)


(Who is the recipient of the communication?)

Project Member

(Who is responsible for the communication?)




Part 2: Address the following questions.

1. In 200-300 words, describe the key elements in the communication cycle. Analyze the key elements of each stage in the cycle.


2. Answer the following question in 400-600 words: Identify potential communication barriers within a team function. Research three communication strategies, and provide a description of each. Discuss how they can improve communication to support team functioning while still meeting the preferences of stakeholders.




This assignment requires two or three scholarly resources. Cite these references below.




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