Class Assignment:


Case scenario: I was just starting my residency program and was in that place after you get your license where you realize you know just enough to be dangerous. I was feeling insecure and asked my preceptor lots of questions. Each time she rolled her eyes at me and asked “What do you know?” It made me not want to ask her any questions. I kept wondering what I would do if I really needed help. I made a pledge to always be a friend and support to the new graduates.

By using your ATI eBook: Nursing Leadership and Management REVIEW MODULE EDITION 8.0– ATI Book (chapter 3) and an article “Ethical Issues in the Disruptive Behaviors of Incivility, Bullying, And Horizontal/Lateral Violence by Vicki D. Lachman answer these four (4) questions.

Use APA format. Include: headings, in-text citations, correct APA reference format. When you are citing any book or an article or website, you need to provide a reference. 500 words.



· List and describe disruptive behaviors that may occur in the workplace.

· What are the effects of disruptive behaviors on the productivity and morale of nursing personnel?

· Explain why disruptive behaviors are a Violation of the Code of Ethics for Nurses

· What are the solutions to the negative human interaction within the organizational culture? List at least 3 solutions.

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