Assurance of Learning Exercise: Specialty vs. General Hospitals Assignment Instructions


A general hospital treats patients with diverse types of ailments all within the same structure. In a general hospital, all general surgery procedures may be performed. A specialized hospital specializes only in the treatment of a specific or a group of related diseases or conditions. For this assignment, read “An Orthopedic Group Decides to Construct a Specialty Hospital” case in the Walston Strategic Healthcare Management: Planning and Execution course text. Differentiation in the healthcare market can provide a competitive edge for healthcare organizations. Yet specialization does not come without its downsides. This assignment provides an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of general and specialty hospitals.


You will write a 5–6-page paper in current APA format that addresses the case questions given in the assignment. Your paper must be supplemented with research from your course textbooks (Walston – Strategic Healthcare Management: Planning and Execution, and Wayland & McDonald – Strategic Analysis for Healthcare: Concepts and Practical Applications), and at least 5 scholarly sources published in the last 5 years. Other quality sources are optional.

As you read the case think about the strategic tactics used: was the strategy aligned with the organization’s mission? What might be some pros and cons of general vs. specialty hospitals? In your paper answer the following questions:

1. What strategy perspectives did OrthoIndy employ in determining to build its own hospital?

2. Do you believe OrthoIndy’s strategic tactics worked? Why or why not?

3. Was the strategy congruent with OrthoIndy’s mission? Why or why not?

4. What effect do you think the new construction had on consumers?

5. Do you think that a specialty hospital such as Indiana Orthopedic Hospital would increase or decrease the costs, quality, and availability of care for consumers?

6. How were the general hospitals near the specialty hospitals affected?

7. Why did St. Vincent Health create its own orthopedic center?

Items to include are outlined as follows:

· Identify all strategic perspectives, tactics, issues faced by the organization.

· Assessment of whether the organization’s strategy is congruent to the mission.

· Why a specialty hospital would increase or decrease the costs, quality, and availability of care for consumers.

· Clearly address impact to other regional providers.

· In at least a 5-page paper provide a minimum of 5 scholarly references current within the last 5 years, and the course text. Other quality sources are optional.

· Current APA format and proper grammar and spelling are required

· Your answers must not be numbered: you must use titles and subheadings to guide the reader through the narrative

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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